ABC Frugality is Back…with a Twist

Dearest loyal Readers,

After nearly two years of not blogging, I have decided through a turn of events to begin my Fabulously Frugal blogging again.  First and foremost, you may noticed the site looks a bit plain. Dont worry, I’m working on it. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the drama begins….

To give you the short and bittersweet version of it, my marriage ended but through a very difficult divorce my two children (ages 2 and 4) have found happiness once again, and I am proud to call myself an Army Fiancee.

Luckily, the Frugalista side of me that has been dormant for years has now resurfaced and I am more committed than ever to providing you with the blog you know and remember, the blog up to date on the hottest deals and freebies–only new and improved with a fresh and sassy twist.

From now on, this blog will be called Cherry Blossom Savings.  Why, you may ask? 

cherry blossom flower symbolismThe flower symbolism associated with the cherry blossom is education.  This blog will focus on educating you not just on how to save $1000s of dollars using coupons, but on how to live a frugal and full life…and love every minute of it.

In China, the cherry blossom is also a symbol of feminine beauty. We as women have so much power over our families. We are the chief executive officers of our homes, hold down careers, and contain an amazing amount of strength. For my female readers, lets celebrate that!  For my male readers, recognize and appreciate these qualities in the women who bless your lives.

It also represents the feminine principle and love. I’m going to show you on our journey together how you can learn to love your life, love your finances, and celebrate the essence of living well!

In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize the transience of life because of their short blooming times. Falling blossoms are metaphors for fallen warriors who died bravely in battle. This connotation links them with the samarai.  Life, and love, is a battlefield.  I have learned this lesson more clearly in the past two years than I thought I ever would.  Life and love are filled with battles:  stress, finances, children, jobs….and here at Cherry Blossom Savings, we are going to learn how to fight this good fight together. How to love and live life the way God intended us to.  Life is transient:  nothing is permanent. So lets learn to live mindfully and focus on what we do have and what we can do with what we were blessed with.

This is just a small snippet of the amazing things to come for this blog. So if you are ready to embark on a journey to change not only your finances but your life, Namaste and welcome aboard!

One thought on “ABC Frugality is Back…with a Twist

  1. Sorry to hear about your struggles but awfully glad that you have returned to the blogging community. Best of luck to you.

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